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sticks & stones may break my bones but reduce is done confusing me

I’ve since taken on the task of breaking it down to understand how I can implement it in the future, and wanted to share my findings…

Methods & example of how to use Map with Big O breakdown

Let’s look over Map’s set of built in methods to get started (# 1-9 link to it’s documentation).

  1. Map.prototype.clear()
  2. Map.prototype.delete()
  3. Map.prototype.entries()
  4. Map.prototype.forEach()
  5. Map.prototype.get()
  6. Map.prototype.has()
  7. Map.prototype.keys()
  8. Map.prototype.set()
  9. Map.prototype.values()
  10. new Map( ) creates a Map object
  11. Map.prototype.size

It may be time to take a step back from what you’re doing and reassess why it is you feel the way that you do. Literally ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?”. Do you remember why you started coding in the first place?

Maybe you were looking for something more stimulating & challenging and that led you to learn how to code.

get familiar with this popular algorithm

This is an algorithm whose time complexity is O(log n) or in the best case…

A simple introduction

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There are a few different things to consider when analyzing Big O notation. Those being time complexity and…

make a positive impact while improving your skills and even get paid!

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I am currently in the last weeks of a software engineering bootcamp, wondering what comes next. There is still much to be done, but what do I need to do when it comes to finding a job? Of course, there are career services to help guide us on the path to our first technical role as a developer- thankfully. While trying to figure out what kind of company I want to work for, social impact comes to mind. That’s what being a dev is about anyway, right? Solving…

find the balance, don’t forget the grind

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If you are considering a bootcamp, are currently in one or are just dealing with a very full work plate and want to make your mental health more of a priority- read on! Or if any of these scenarios apply to you and you feel that you have a good grasp on your work-life balance, please, leave a comment down below to share your tips, tricks and perspective.

Going into an immersive bootcamp, I…

8 Useful Helper Methods That Will Get the Ball Rolling on Your ROR Project

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In life, it’s not uncommon to want to do something by yourself. We can all be a little stubborn when it comes to reaching out for assistance right when it’s needed. Lucky for us, our bad habits aren’t being judged while working with Rails. In fact, the opposite is true, Rails is here to give us the help that’s needed, right when it’s needed!

When transitioning from working onActiveRecord to…

and useful shortcuts to make coding easier and prettier

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I recently took the time to organize my VS Code by installing some extensions that I have found to be helpful in the earlier days of my coding journey. If you haven’t already downloaded VS Code… what are you doing?? Go get it and come back to get the extensions.

It’s no surprise that VS Code is one of the most popular editors to date. …

Haley Proctor

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